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Expression of the adaptor protein Tks5 in human cancer: Prognostic potential

Stanley S Stylli, Rodney B Luwor, Andrew H Kaye, TT Stacey, Christopher M Hovens, Peter Lock

Oncology Reports | SPANDIDOS PUBL LTD | Published : 2014


Tks5 (tyrosine kinase substrate with 5 SH3 domains) is an adaptor protein which cooperates with Src tyrosine kinase to promote the formation of protease-enriched, actin-based projections known as invadopodia, which are utilized by invasive cancer cells to degrade the extracellular matrix (ECM). We previously identified a Src-Tks5-Nck pathway which promotes invadopodium formation and ECM proteolysis in melanoma and breast cancer cells. We therefore sought to investigate the significance of Tks5 expression in human cancers. This was undertaken retrospectively through an immunohistochemical evaluation in tissue microarray cores and through data mining of the public database, Oncomine. Here we s..

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