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Hormonal treatment, mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.

Joanne Ryan, Jaqueline Scali, Isabelle Carriere, Karen Ritchie, Marie-Laure Ancelin

Conference on MCI in the Elderly and Populations at Risk | Published : 2008


A plethora of in vitro and in vivo studies have supported the neuroprotective role of estrogens and their impact on the neurotransmitter systems implicated in cognition. Recent hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) trials in non-demented postmenopausal women suggest a temporary positive effect (notably on verbal memory), and four meta-analyses converge to suggest a possible protective effect in relation to Alzheimer's disease (reducing risk by 29 to 44%). However, data from the only large randomized controlled trial published to date, the Women's Health Initiative Memory Study, did not confirm these observations and have even suggested an increase in dementia risk for women using HRT compared t..

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