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Genome organization and the role of centromeres in evolution of the erythroleukaemia cell line HEL.

Ruth N Mackinnon, Meaghan Wall, Adrian Zordan, Srilakshmi Nutalapati, Bruce Mercer, Joanne Peverall, Lynda J Campbell

Evolution Medicine and Public Health | Published : 2013


BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The human erythroleukaemia (HEL) cell line has a highly rearranged genome. We matched whole chromosome analysis with cytogenomic microarray data to build a detailed description of these rearrangements. METHODOLOGY: We used a combination of single nucleotide polymorphism array and multiple fluorescence in situ hybridization approaches, and compared our array data with publicly available data for different sublines of HEL. B allele frequencies revealed the fate of each homologue for most chromosomes. RESULTS: At least two instances of the breakage-fusion-bridge cycle appear to have facilitated amplification of oncogenes and deletion of tumour suppressor genes. Becaus..

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