Book Chapter

Privacy Online: Reform Beyond Law Reform

M Richardson, AT Kenyon, Normann Witzleb, David Lindsay, Moira Paterson, Sharon Rodrick

Emerging Challenges in Privacy Law: Comparative Perspectives | Cambridge University Press | Published : 2014


© Cambridge University Press 2014. Introduction As Roland Barthes reminds us, a myth works not only to attach a meaning to a given sign (such as a word or visual symbol). It fashions a story around the sign with a larger political or cultural weight. We consider below one of the more enduring myths associated with privacy law reform-that a dedicated privacy cause of action will respond sufficiently to individual and social desires for privacy. The idea of a privacy tort as a solution to individual and social problems of privacy was fostered by Warren and Brandeis’ classic article ‘The Right to Privacy’ published in the 1890 edition of the Harvard Law Review, although the century's worth of p..

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