Book Chapter

Beginnings and Endings: The Precarious Life of a Colonial Journal

K Gelder, RA Weaver

The Colonial Journals, and the emergence of Australian literary culture10 | University of Western Australia Press | Published : 2014


Colonial Australia produced a vast number of journals and magazines that helped to create an exuberant literary landscape. They were filled with lively contributions by many of the key writers and provocateurs of the day (and of the future). Writers such as Marcus Clarke, Rolf Boldrewood, Ethel Turner, and Katharine Susannah Prichard published for the first time in these journals. This book offers a fascinating selection of material; a miscellany of content that enabled the 'free play of intellect' to thrive and, matched with wry visual design, made attractive artifacts that demonstrate the role this period played in the growth of an Australian literary culture.