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The textual characteristics of traditional and Open Access scientific journals are similar

Karin Verspoor, K Bretonnel Cohen, Lawrence Hunter

BMC Bioinformatics | BMC | Published : 2009


BACKGROUND: Recent years have seen an increased amount of natural language processing (NLP) work on full text biomedical journal publications. Much of this work is done with Open Access journal articles. Such work assumes that Open Access articles are representative of biomedical publications in general and that methods developed for analysis of Open Access full text publications will generalize to the biomedical literature as a whole. If this assumption is wrong, the cost to the community will be large, including not just wasted resources, but also flawed science. This paper examines that assumption. RESULTS: We collected two sets of documents, one consisting only of Open Access publication..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The work of all three authors was supported by grants G08LM009639, R01LM009254, and R01LM008111 to Lawrence Hunter. We gratefully acknowledge the NIH scientific review author who originally suggested that we undertake this project and the reviewers of this paper for their thoughtful comments.