Conference Proceedings

Water-level reference planning for automated irrigation channels via robust MPC

A NESHASTEHRIZ, M Cantoni, I Shames

Proceedings of the 13th European Control Conference | IEEE Press | Published : 2014


In a water-level reference planning problem for automated irrigation channels, the object is to steer the system along trajectories that satisfy hard constraints on the regulated water levels and the flow commands produced by the underlying feedback controllers. The approach proposed here involves nominal trajectories that are devised off-line accounting for a forecast (i.e. schedule) of the demand (i.e. load input). The load actually drawn during operation is inevitably a perturbed version of this schedule. To achieve a level of robustness, insomuch as the deviation from nominal trajectories respects the constraints in the presence of such uncertainty, a Model Predictive Control (MPC) schem..

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