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Factors influencing electrical place pitch perception in bimodal listeners

Kerrie L Plant, Hugh J McDermott, Richard JM van Hoesel, Pamela W Dawson, Robert S Cowan

Journal of the Acoustical Society of America | ACOUSTICAL SOC AMER AMER INST PHYSICS | Published : 2014


Factors that might affect perceptual pitch match between acoustic and electric stimulation were examined in 25 bimodal listeners using magnitude estimation. Pre-operative acoustic thresholds in both ears, and duration of severe-profound loss, were first examined as correlates with degree of match between the measured pitch and that predicted by the spiral ganglion frequency-position model. The degree of match was examined with respect to (1) the ratio between the measured and predicted pitch percept on the most apical electrode and (2) the ratio between the slope of the measured and predicted pitch function. Second, effect of listening experience was examined to assess whether adaptation occ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank the cochlear implant recipients for their participation and cooperation during this study. We thank Bev Sheridan for administrative support and Michelle Knight for assistance with data collection. This research was funded by The HEARing Cooperative Research Centre, established through the Cooperative Research Centre Program, an Australian Government Initiative. The Bionics Institute acknowledges the support it receives from the Victorian Government through its Operational Infrastructure Support Program.