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Species and environmental characteristics point to flow regulation and drought as drivers of riparian plant invasion

Jane A Catford, William K Morris, Peter A Vesk, Christopher J Gippel, Barbara J Downes

Diversity and Distributions: a journal of conservation biogeography | Wiley Open Access | Published : 2014


Aim: Many factors facilitate biological invasions, making it difficult to determine their relative importance, especially when relying on survey data that include confounded variables. Incorporating information about species characteristics can improve inferences drawn from species-environment relationships, which can inform management. We seek to understand why the abundance of exotic, and not native, terrestrial plants is higher in riparian wetlands most impacted by flow regulation. Location: River Murray, SE Australia. Methods: We use variance components analysis and hierarchical generalised linear models to examine whether the positive relationship between flow regulation and proporti..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Funding Acknowledgements

We thank Laura Pollock for discussions about statistics, Joe Bennett and Kyle Naish for advice on paper presentation, Ruby Wilson and Natasha Cadenhead for lab assistance, and many generous friends and colleagues for field assistance. We are very grateful for constructive comments made by the Associate Editor and two anonymous referees. Support was provided by the Australian Research Council (DE120102221 to JAC), an Australian Postgraduate Award (to WKM) and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions and the NERP Environmental Decisions Hub (to WKM, PAV and JAC).