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Normal variation in cortical osteocyte lacunar parameters in healthy young males

Yasmin Carter, Jessica L Suchorab, C David L Thomas, John G Clement, David ML Cooper

Journal of Anatomy | WILEY-BLACKWELL | Published : 2014


The most abundant cell in bone, osteocytes form an interconnected system upon which the regulation of healthy bone relies. Although the complete nature of the role of osteocytes has yet to be defined, they are generally accepted to play a part in the sensing of load and the initiation of damage repair. A previous study conducted by our group identified variation of up to 30% in osteocyte lacunar density and morphological parameters between regions of a single cross-section of human femoral shaft; that study, however, was limited to a single individual. The aim of the current study was to determine whether this pattern consistently occurs in healthy young male femora. Anterior, posterior, med..

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Awarded by U.S. DOE, Basic Energy Sciences, Office of Science

Funding Acknowledgements

The primary financial support for this specific research project was from the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation in the form of an Establishment Grant to D. M. L. C. The authors acknowledge the support of the Australian Research Council through the Centre of Excellence for Coherent X-ray Science. Use of the advanced photon source was supported by the U.S. DOE, Basic Energy Sciences, Office of Science under Contract No. W-31-109-Eng-38. We are grateful to the mortuary staff and the staff of the Donor Tissue Bank of the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine for their assistance in the collection of this series of bone specimens and particularly grateful to the next-of-kin of the donors for permission to remove bone for research purposes. The authors are grateful to Mr. Peter Carter for his invaluable engineering assistance and advice. Yasmin Carter is a Fellow in the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Training program in Health Research Using Synchrotron Techniques (CIHR-THRUST).