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Differentiation of Stem Cells from Human Infrapatellar Fat Pad: Characterization of Cells Undergoing Chondrogenesis

Raed Felimban, Ken Ye, Kathy Traianedes, Claudia Di Bella, Jeremy Crook, Gordon G Wallace, Anita Quigley, Peter FM Choong, Damian E Myers

Tissue Engineering Part A | MARY ANN LIEBERT, INC | Published : 2014


Hyaline cartilage repair is a significant challenge in orthopedics and current techniques result in formation of fibrocartilage. Human infrapatellar fat pad (hIPFP)-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are capable of differentiation into multiple tissue lineages, including cartilage and bone. Chondrogenesis is a crucial part of normal skeletal development but the molecular mechanisms are yet to be completely defined. In this study we sourced hIPFP-derived MSCs utilizing chondrogenic growth factors, transforming growth factor beta-3, and bone morphogenetic protein-6, to form hyaline-like cartilage in micromass cultures and we studied chondrogenic development of 7, 14, and 28 days. The purpos..

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