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Terminological debate over language impairment in children: forward movement and sticking points

Sheena Reilly, Dorothy VM Bishop, Bruce Tomblin

International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders | WILEY | Published : 2014


BACKGROUND: There is no agreed terminology for describing childhood language problems. In this special issue Reilly et al. and Bishop review the history of the most widely used label, 'specific language impairment' (SLI), and discuss the pros and cons of various terms. Commentators from a range of backgrounds, in terms of both discipline and geographical background, were then invited to respond to each lead article. AIMS: To summarize the main points made by the commentators and identify (1) points of consensus and disagreement, (2) issues for debate including the drivers for change and diagnostic criteria, and (3) the way forward. CONCLUSIONS & IMPLICATIONS: There was some common ground, na..

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