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Antioxidant Dynamics in the Live Animal and Implications for Ruminant Health and Product (Meat/Milk) Quality: Role of Vitamin E and Selenium

SS Chauhan, P Celi, EN Ponnampalam, BJ Leury, F Liu, FR Dunshea

Animal Production Science | CSIRO Publishing | Published : 2014


The global population is predicted to grow to over 9 billion by the middle of 21st century, with 70% of people living in urban areas, and food demand is projected to grow by 70% by 2050. Climate change presents a series of challenges for global animal agriculture. As a result of thermal challenges associated with climate variability, availability of quality pasture, animal behaviour, physiological and immunological functions are potentially impacted. Oxidative status plays an important role in the regulation and maintenance of several physiological and immunological functions of the body. Ruminants are exposed to several environmental and metabolic challenges that can trigger oxidative stres..

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