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Diverse Roles for Wnt7a in Ventral Midbrain Neurogenesis and Dopaminergic Axon Morphogenesis

Chathurini V Fernando, Julianna Kele, Christopher R Bye, Jonathan C Niclis, Walaa Alsanie, Brette D Blakely, Jan Stenman, Brad J Turner, Clare L Parish

Stem Cells and Development | MARY ANN LIEBERT, INC | Published : 2014


During development of the central nervous system, trophic, together with genetic, cues dictate the balance between cellular proliferation and differentiation. Subsequent to the birth of new neurons, additional intrinsic and extrinsic signals regulate the connectivity of these cells. While a number of regulators of ventral midbrain (VM) neurogenesis and dopaminergic (DA) axon guidance are known, we identify a number of novel roles for the secreted glycoprotein, Wnt7a, in this context. We demonstrate a temporal and spatial expression of Wnt7a in the VM, indicative of roles in neurogenesis, differentiation, and axonal growth and guidance. In primary VM cultures, and validated in Wnt7a-deficient..

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