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Stability and toxicity of heteroleptic organometallic Bi(v) complexes towards Leishmania major

Yih Ching Ong, Victoria L Blair, Lukasz Kedzierski, Philip C Andrews

Dalton Transactions | ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY | Published : 2014


Eleven heteroleptic Bi(V) complexes of the form [BiPh3(O2CR)2] have been synthesised and fully characterised. The carboxylate ligands are derived from a series of simple substituted benzoic acids, four of which are common non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs). The solid-state structures of eight of the complexes were determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction, and all were shown to adopt a typical trigonal bipyramidal geometry with chelating carboxylate ligands. Nine of the complexes were assessed for their anti-parasitic activity against Leishmania major promastigotes and their cytotoxicity towards human fibroblasts. The assays indicated that while the complexes showed good anti-le..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The authors thank the Australian Research Council, Monash University and the Walter and Eliza Institute of Medical Research for financial support, and Dr Chris Tonkin (WEHI) for the supply of human primary fibroblast cells.