Conference Proceedings

Nonlinear model predictive missile control with a stabilising terminal constraint

VY BACHTIAR, T Muhlpfordt, WH Moase, T Faulwasser, R Findeisen, CG Manzie

IFAC-PapersOnLine | IFAC - International Federation of Automatic Control | Published : 2014


In this paper, an MPC scheme for a missile pitch axis autopilot is proposed. The scheme uses a nonlinear prediction model to give it an ability to push the controlled missile very close to its operating limits, and is stabilised through the use of an ellipsoidal terminal constraint. Tracking performance and computational load of the scheme are compared to that with a linear prediction model and other types of terminal constraint. Specifically, the choice of ellipsoidal, polytopic, or no terminal constraint is discussed. The terminally constrained nonlinear MPC scheme achieves comparable solution times to that with a linear prediction model, whilst being more aggressive to give a superior tra..

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