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Dietary Antioxidants at Supranutritional Doses Improve Oxidative Status and Reduce the Negative Effects of Heat Stress in Sheep

SS Chauhan, P Celi, BJ Leury, IJ Clarke, FR Dunshea

Journal of Animal Science | Oxford University Press (OUP) | Published : 2014


The present study was undertaken to investigate the impact of heat (thermal) stress and dietary antioxidant supplementation on the oxidative and physiological status of sheep. Twenty-four Merino × Poll Dorset crossbred ewes were housed in 1 of 2 climatic chambers (thermoneutral or heat stress) and offered either a control (10 IU vitamin E/kg DM and 0.24 mg Se/kg DM) or high antioxidant (100 IU vitamin E/kg DM and 1.20 mg Se/kg DM) diet. The sheep were exposed to 2 thermal (temperature) treatments (thermoneutral [TN]: 18–21°C and 26–30% relative humidity; and heat stress [HS]: 28–40°C and 40–50% relative humidity) for 2 wk in a single reversal design. After 1 wk of dietary treatment, animals ..

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