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Biomarkers and clinical staging in psychiatry

Patrick McGorry, Matcheri Keshavan, Sherilyn Goldstone, Paul Amminger, Kelly Allott, Michael Berk, Suzie Lavoie, Christos Pantelis, Alison Yung, Stephen Wood, Ian Hickie

WORLD PSYCHIATRY | WILEY | Published : 2014


Personalized medicine is rapidly becoming a reality in today's physical medicine. However, as yet this is largely an aspirational goal in psychiatry, despite significant advances in our understanding of the biochemical, genetic and neurobiological processes underlying major mental disorders. Preventive medicine relies on the availability of predictive tools; in psychiatry we still largely lack these. Furthermore, our current diagnostic systems, with their focus on well-established, largely chronic illness, do not support a pre-emptive, let alone a preventive, approach, since it is during the early stages of a disorder that interventions have the potential to offer the greatest benefit. Here,..

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