Conference Proceedings

Making the Space for Space: The Effect of the Classroom Layout on Teacher and Student Usage and Perception of One-to- One Technology

T Byers, WD Imms

Conference Proceedings of the Australian Computers in Education Conference 2014 | Australian Council for Computers in Education | Published : 2014


Today, a significant proportion of Australian secondary school students have some level of access to digital technology through one-to-one or BYOD programs. This ubiquitous access to devices connected through wireless network can create a technology-enabled learning environments (TELE). The teacher-student connectivity of a TELE has the potential to facilitate more collaborative and responsive learning experiences in modalities that may have not been possible before. Despite these significant changes, many students occupy classroom spaces that have changed little in configuration, structure and operation. This paper reports on the first stage intervention of a three stage quasi-experimental ..

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