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HLA-DQA1-HLA-DRB1 variants confer susceptibility to pancreatitis induced by thiopurine immunosuppressants

Graham A Heap, Michael N Weedon, Claire M Bewshea, Abhey Singh, Mian Chen, Jack B Satchwel, Julian P Vivian, Kenji So, Patrick C Dubois, Jane M Andrews, Vito Annese, Peter Bampton, Martin Barnardo, Sally Bell, Andy Cole, Susan J Connor, Tom Creed, Fraser R Cummings, Mauro D'Amato, Tawfique K Daneshmend Show all

Nature Genetics | NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2014

University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Award

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Awarded by Crohn"s and Colitis UK

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Funding Acknowledgements

The International Serious Adverse Events Consortium (iSAEC) funded the sample collection and genotyping. The UK National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) provided research nurse support to facilitate recruitment at all UK research sites. We thank Crohn's and Colitis UK for funding support and publicizing this study to its members. A Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Award (WT097835MF) generously supported the work in this study. Genotyping was undertaken at the Broad Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. We thank all the clinicians who assisted with sample collection as part of the IBD Pharmacogenetics Study Group (listed in the Supplementary Note) and the International IBD Genetics Consortium, as well as S. Marriott for her assistance during the trial initiation. We acknowledge The International Serious Adverse Events Scientific Management Committee members (listed in the Supplementary Note), T Frayling, S. Lin and K. Hunt for kindly providing comments on the draft manuscript, as well as C. Heard and M. Parkinson for their ongoing administrative support to the study. We also thank all the patients for their time and participation.