Conference Proceedings

Cybernetics and Contemporary Philosophies of Technology

MV Arnold, P Siemers, G Adamson

Norbert Wiener in the 21st Century Driving Technology’s Future | Curran Associate Inc. | Published : 2014


The interdisciplinarity of Cybernetics has been both its strength and its weakness: a strength in that it enabled an originality of thought and a breadth of application not possible within conventional scholarly structures, but a weakness in that it never truly found a home that might institutionalise it, and from which it might reach out to the established disciplines. Its peripatetic constituents and porous, shifting borders makes the direct influence of Cybernetics on contemporary philosophies of technology difficult to establish, though some direct lines of influence can be traced. But any presence of parallels, or overlaps, provides circumstantial evidence of prescient status, if not in..

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