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Proinsulin-Specific, HLA-DQ8, and HLA-DQ8-Transdimer-Restricted CD4( ) T Cells Infiltrate Islets in Type 1 Diabetes

Vimukthi Pathiraja, Janine P Kuehlich, Peter D Campbell, Balasubramanian Krishnamurthy, Thomas Loudovaris, P Toby H Coates, Thomas C Brodnicki, Philip J O'Connell, Katherine Kedzierska, Christine Rodda, Philip Bergman, Erin Hill, Anthony W Purcell, Nadine L Dudek, Helen E Thomas, Thomas WH Kay, Stuart I Mannering

Diabetes | AMER DIABETES ASSOC | Published : 2015


Awarded by JDRF

Awarded by National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

S.I.M., V.P., and J.P.K. have received JDRF grant 17-2011-527. A.W.P. and N.L.D. have received JDRF project grant 17-2012-134. S.I.M. and A.W.P. have received National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) grant APP1061961. S.I.M. and T.W.H.K. have received support from the Diabetes Australia Research Trust. S.I.M., T.W.H.K., H.E.T., B.K., V.P., and J.P.K. have received support from the Operational Infrastructure Support Program of the Victorian Government. T.W.H.K. and H.E.T. have received NHMRC program grant APP1037321. T.W.H.K., H.E.T., and T.L. have received JDRF/Department of Health and Aging grants, and P.T.C.H. has received a grant for islet transplantation. K.K. has received NHMRC project grant AI1008854. H.E.T. is supported by a fellowship from the NHMRC (APP1042735). K.K. is the recipient of an NHMRC CDF2 Fellowship. P.J.O. is an NHMRC senior practitioner fellow. A.W.P. is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow.