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Homogenisation improves the microstructure, syneresis and rheological properties of buffalo yoghurt

Hanh TH Nguyen, Lydia Ong, Sandra E Kentish, Sally L Gras



Homogenisation is known to improve the textural properties of bovine yoghurt but the potential of this processing step has not been systematically explored for buffalo yoghurt. In this study, buffalo milk was homogenised at 80 bar or 160 bar and the effect on the properties of buffalo yoghurt examined. The microstructure of both buffalo yoghurt samples produced from homogenised milk was significantly altered, forming a more interconnected protein network with smaller embedded fat globules. These structural changes resulted in a significant decrease in syneresis and hysteresis area and led to a considerable increase in the storage modulus, gel firmness and flow behaviour index. A higher homog..

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Awarded by Rural Industries Research and Development Cooperation (RIRDC)

Awarded by ARC Dairy Innovation Hub

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to acknowledge the Australian Government for providing an Australian Postgraduate Award (International) (APA - International) scholarship, the Rural Industries Research and Development Cooperation (RIRDC), PRJ-005364 for financial support and Shaw River for supplying the buffalo milk used in this study. The authors also thank the Particulate Fluids Processing Centre (PFPC), the Electron Microscopy Unit and the Biological Optical Microscopy Platform of the Bio21 Molecular Science and Technology Institute for access to equipment, Mr Roger Curtain for his help in operating the cryo-SEM and Dr Sandy Clarke (Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the University of Melbourne) for her assistance in statistical analysis. Dr Lydia Ong and Associate Professor Sally Gras are supported by The ARC Dairy Innovation Hub (IH120100005).