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Management of canine corneal squamous cell carcinoma with lamellar keratectomy and strontium 90 plesiotherapy: 3 cases

Jessica C Nevile, Simon D Hurn, Andrew G Turner, Christina McCowan



PURPOSE: To report three cases of canine corneal squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) treated with strontium 90 beta radiation as an adjunct to surgical excision. METHODS: Corneal SCC was excised with lamellar keratectomy. This was followed by local application of strontium 90 beta radiation. RESULTS: Available case follow-up times range from 3 to 50 months. One case suffered a recurrence 5 months following initial excision and strontium 90 treatment. CONCLUSION AND DISCUSSION: Strontium 90 beta radiation has been used extensively as an adjunctive treatment for equine corneal SCC and in other canine ocular tumors; however, there is a paucity of information regarding use in canine corneal SCC. The c..

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