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Long memory processes are revealed in the dynamics of the epileptic brain

MJ Cook, A Varsavsky, D Himes, K Leyde, S Berkovic, T O'Brien, I Mareels

Frontiers in Neurology | Frontiers Research Foundation | Published : 2014


The pattern of epileptic seizures is often considered unpredictable, and the interval between events without correlation. A number of studies have examined the possibility that seizure activity respects a power-law relationship, both in terms of event magnitude and inter-event intervals. Such relationships are found in a variety of natural and manmade systems, such as earthquakes or Internet traffic, and describe the relationship between the magnitude of an event and the number of events. We postulated that human inter-seizure intervals would follow a power law relationship, and furthermore that evidence for the existence of a long memory process could be established in this relationship. We..

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