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Partial inhibition of gp130-Jak-Stat3 signaling prevents Wnt-beta-catenin-mediated intestinal tumor growth and regeneration

Toby J Phesse, Michael Buchert, Emma Stuart, Dustin J Flanagan, Maree Faux, Shoukat Afshar-Sterle, Francesca Walker, Hui-Hua Zhang, Cameron J Nowell, Robert Jorissen, Chin Wee Tan, Yumiko Hirokawa, Moritz F Eissmann, Ashleigh R Poh, Jordane Malaterre, Helen B Pearson, David G Kirsch, Paolo Provero, Valeria Poli, Robert G Ramsay Show all

Science Signaling | AMER ASSOC ADVANCEMENT SCIENCE | Published : 2014


Awarded by Royal Melbourne Hospital

Awarded by Cancer Council of Victoria

Awarded by NHMRC

Funding Acknowledgements

Funding: This work was supported by Ludwig Cancer Research, the Victorian State Government Operational Infrastructure Support, the Independent Research Institutes Infrastructure Support Scheme (IRIISS) scheme of the National Health and Medical Research Council Australia (NHMRC), a grant from the Royal Melbourne Hospital #605030 (E. V. and T.J.P.), a grant from the Cancer Council of Victoria #APP1020716 (E. V. and T.J.P.), and NHMRC grants #603127 (T.J.P. and M. B.), #566679 (E. V.), #487922 (M. E., R. G. R., and M. B.), #433617, #603122 (M. E.), and #1064987 (T.J.P., M. B., and M. E.). M. E. and R. G. R. are NHMRC Senior Research Fellows.