Journal article

Adult Neural Precursor Cells from the Subventricular Zone Contribute Significantly to Oligodendrocyte Regeneration and Remyelination

Yao Lulu Xing, Philipp T Roeth, Jo Anne S Stratton, Bernard HA Chuang, Jill Danne, Sarah L Ellis, Sze Woei Ng, Trevor J Kilpatrick, Tobias D Merson

Journal of Neuroscience | SOC NEUROSCIENCE | Published : 2014


Funding Acknowledgements

This work was supported by a Strategic Research Australian Postgraduate Award (Stem Cells Australia; Y.L.X.), a National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia/Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia Betty Cuthbert Fellowship (T.D.M.), and a Neuroscience Institute Fellowship (T.D.M.); and by Stem Cells Australia-the Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative in Stem Cell Science (T.D.M. and T.J.K.). Charity Works for MS and the Victorian Operational Infrastructure Support Program provided additional support. We thank Professor William Richardson (University College London, London, UK), Professor Ryoichiro Kageyama (University of Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan), and Professor Frank Costantini (Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY) for generously providing the Pdgfra-CreER<SUP>T2</SUP>, Nestin-CreER<SUP>T2</SUP> line 5-1, and Rosa26-eYFP transgenic mouse lines, respectively.