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Uro-oncology multidisciplinary meetings at an Australian tertiary referral centre - impact on clinical decision-making and implications for patient inclusion

Kenny Rao, Kiran Manya, Arun Azad, Nathan Lawrentschuk, Damien Bolton, Ian D Davis, Shomik Sengupta



OBJECTIVES: To analyse the impact of the uro-oncology multidisciplinary meeting (MDM) at an Australian tertiary centre on patient management decisions, and to develop criteria for patient inclusion in MDMs. METHODS: Over a 3-month period, all cases presented at our weekly uro-oncology MDM were prospectively assessed, by asking the presenting clinician to state their provisional management plans and comparing this with the subsequent consensus decision. The impact of the MDM was graded as high if there was a major change in the management plan or if a plan was developed where there was none. RESULTS: Over the study period, 120 discussions about 107 patients were recorded. Prostate, urothelial..

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