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Population III Star Formation During and After the Reionization Epoch

Michele Trenti, D Whalen (ed.), V Bromm (ed.), N Yoshida (ed.)

AIP Conference Proceedings | AMER INST PHYSICS | Published : 2010


Population III star formation during the dark ages shifted from minihalos (∼ 10 M ) cooled by molecular hydrogen to more massive halos (∼ 10 M ) cooled by Ly-α emission as Lyman- Werner backgrounds progressively quenched molecular hydrogen cooling. Eventually, both modes of primordial star formation were suppressed by the chemical enrichment of the IGM. We present a comprehensive model for following the modes of Population III star formation that is based on a combination of analytical calculations and cosmological simulations.We characterize the properties of the transition from metal-free star formation to the first Population II clusters for an average region of the Universe and for the..

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