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Transport budgets in turbulent lifted flames of methane autoigniting in a vitiated co-flow

RL Gordon, AR Masri, SB Pope, GM Goldin

Combustion and Flame | Elsevier | Published : 2007


Autoignition of hydrocarbon fuels is an outstanding research problem of significant practical relevance in engines and gas turbine applications. This paper presents a numerical study of the autoignition of methane, the simplest in the hydrocarbon family. The model burner used here produces a simple, yet representative lifted jet flame issuing in a vitiated surrounding. The calculations employ a composition probability density function (PDF) approach coupled to the commercial CFD package, FLUENT. The in situ adaptive tabulation (ISAT) method is used to implement detailed chemical kinetics. An analysis of species concentrations and transport budgets of convection, turbulent diffusion, and chem..

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