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Functional changes in deep dorsal horn interneurons following spinal cord injury are enhanced with different durations of exercise training

MM Rank, JR Flynn, CR Battistuzzo, MP Galea, R Callister, RJ Callister



Following incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI), collaterals sprout from intact and injured axons in the vicinity of the lesion. These sprouts are thought to form new synaptic contacts that effectively bypass the lesion epicentre and contribute to improved functional recovery. Such anatomical changes are known to be enhanced by exercise training; however, the mechanisms underlying exercise-mediated plasticity are poorly understood. Specifically, we do not know how SCI alone or SCI combined with exercise alters the intrinsic and synaptic properties of interneurons in the vicinity of a SCI. Here we use a hemisection model of incomplete SCI in adult mice and whole-cell patch-clamp recording in a ..

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