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Hyperchloraemic acidosis: another misnomer?

DA Story

Critical care and resuscitation : journal of the Australasian Academy of Critical Care Medicine | Published : 2004


OBJECTIVE: To review the term hyperchloraemic acidosis. DATA SOURCES: Articles and reviews from peer reviewed journals on acid-base physiology. SUMMARY OF REVIEW: The concept of hyperchloraemic acidosis is well established in medicine and regularly taught to medical students. Unfortunately, it is yet another medical misnomer. Hyperchloraemic acidosis is only likely to exist with normal plasma sodium concentrations. This is because the acidosis is due to a decreased strong-ion-difference rather than the hyperchloraemia alone. If hyponatraemia is present, an identical acidosis can exist without hyperchloraemia; or if hypernatraemia is present there may be hyperchloraemia without acidosis. Even..

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