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Evidence for land plant cell wall biosynthetic mechanisms in charophyte green algae

Maria D Mikkelsen, Jesper Harholt, Peter Ulvskov, Ida E Johansen, Jonatan U Fangel, Monika S Doblin, Antony Bacic, William GT Willats



BACKGROUND AND AIMS: The charophyte green algae (CGA) are thought to be the closest living relatives to the land plants, and ancestral CGA were unique in giving rise to the land plant lineage. The cell wall has been suggested to be a defining structure that enabled the green algal ancestor to colonize land. These cell walls provide support and protection, are a source of signalling molecules, and provide developmental cues for cell differentiation and elongation. The cell wall of land plants is a highly complex fibre composite, characterized by cellulose cross-linked by non-cellulosic polysaccharides, such as xyloglucan, embedded in a matrix of pectic polysaccharides. How the land plant cell..

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Awarded by Australian Research Council

Awarded by Danish Council for Strategic Research

Awarded by Villum Fonden

Funding Acknowledgements

Special thanks to Professor David S. Domozych for the algal starter cultures used for cloning the full-length Coleochaete orbicularis CoCSLD sequences and the Spirogyra sp. CSLA/K-like fragment. We thank Karin Olesen for expertise and technical assistance with growing the algal cultures. We also thank the 1KP initiative ( for allowing us to verify the cloned Spirogyra sp. CSLA/K-like sequence in their large transcriptomic data sets. M. S. D. and A. B wish to acknowledge the support of the Australian Research Council for funding to the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls (CE11000010007). J.H. was supported by the Villum Foundation's Young Investigator Programme. M. D. M. was supported by The Danish Council for Strategic Research (101597).