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The 580-520 Ma Gondwana suture of Madagascar and its continuation into Antarctica and Africa

SD Boger, W Hirdes, CAM Ferreira, T Jenett, R Dallwig, CM Fanning

Gondwana Research | ELSEVIER | Published : 2015


U-Pb age data from southwest Madagascar provide a compelling case that the pre-Gondwana Indian plate was stitched with the arc terranes of the Arabian Nubian Shield along a suture that closed between 580 Ma and 520 Ma. The key observations supportive of this interpretation are: (1) metamorphism dated to 630-600 Ma is manifested only on the west side of the suture in rocks that have affinities with the oceanic and island arc terranes of the Arabian Nubian Shield, or which represent continental rocks welded to these terranes prior to the amalgamation of Gondwana, and (2) orogenesis at 580-520 Ma is manifest in rocks on both sides of the suture, an observation taken to mark the timing of collis..

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Funding Acknowledgements

Our research was funded by the International Development Agency, Credit No.: 3754 MAG. The project was undertaken under the auspices of the Projet de Gouvernance des Ressources Minerales (PRGM-Madagascar). SDB gratefully acknowledges the hard work and companionship of Bernd Schulte, Auguste Razafinjoelina and Dauphin Raharinoro, as well as the other participants of the Carto Sud project. SDB additionally acknowledges Dr. Richard White and Ms. Christine Weller from the Institut fur Geowissenschaften, Johannes Gutenberg Universitat Mainz, who supported his study visit where the submitted version of this manuscript was finalised. The original version of this manuscript was reviewed by Drs. Ian Fitzsimons and Robert Tucker in 2010. Both are gratefully thanked for allowing the authors to more fully develop the ideas presented herein. The final version of the manuscript was reviewed by Dr. Alan Collins and an anonymous reviewer, both of whom are also thanked for their thoughtful and constructive comments.