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Biogas upgrading through kinetic separation of carbon dioxide and methane over Rb- and Cs-ZK-5 zeolites

T Remy, E Gobechiya, D Danaci, SA Peter, P Xiao, L Van Tendeloo, S Couck, J Shang, CEA Kirschhock, RK Singh, JA Martens, GV Baron, PA Webley, JFM Denayer

RSC Advances | ROYAL SOC CHEMISTRY | Published : 2014


Eight-membered ring (8 MR) zeolites hold large potential for industrial CO separations such as biogas separation. They offer large selectivity due to the constrained environment for adsorption, especially when large cations are present in the interconnecting windows. The Rb- and Cs-exchanged ZK-5 zeolites (8 MR KFI type zeolites) were studied for kinetic CO /CH separation. First, Rb-ZK-5 and Cs-ZK-5 were thoroughly characterized via chemical analysis, argon porosimetry, X-ray diffraction and Rietveld refinements. Afterwards, the CO /CH separation potential of both adsorbents was assessed via the measurement of kinetic and equilibrium data (T = 261.15 - 323 K), breakthrough measurements at..

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Awarded by FWO-Vlaanderen

Funding Acknowledgements

Tom Remy and Leen Van Tendeloo acknowledge FWO-Vlaanderen for financial support. Joeri F.M. Denayer acknowledges FWO-Vlaanderen for the research grant. Elena Gobechiya and Christine E.A. Kirschhock acknowledge the Belgian Prodex Office and ESA for financial support. Johan A. Martens and Christine E.A. Kirschhock acknowledge the Flemish Government for long-term structural funding, Methusalem.