Journal article

Modelling the inelastic scattering of fast electrons

LJ Allen, AJ D'Alfonso, SD Findlay


University of Melbourne Researchers


Awarded by Australian Research Councils Discovery Projects funding scheme

Awarded by DECRA funding scheme

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was supported under the Australian Research Councils Discovery Projects funding scheme (Projects DP110101570 and DP110102228) and its DECRA funding scheme (Project DE130100739). The authors acknowledge the important contribution of our collaborators and colleagues in the electron microscopy community to this work. We would like to acknowledge the crucial contributions of Mark Oxley and Chris Rossouw to the theoretical and numerical aspects of the work discussed here. Eireann Cosgriff, Ben Forbes, Torgny josefsson, Nathan Lugg, Andrew Martin, Gary Ruben and Chris Witte have been or still are members of the group at Melbourne University at various stages and all made contributions to the understanding of inelastic scattering discussed in this paper.