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Enhanced Targeted Drug Delivery Through Controlled Release in a Three-Dimensional Vascular Tree

SJ Zhu, EKW Poon, ASH Ooi, S Moore

Journal of Biomechanical Engineering | Published : 2015


“Controlled particle release and targeting” is a technique using particle release score map (PRSM) and transient particle release score map (TPRSM) via backtracking to determine optimal drug injection locations for achieving an enhanced target efficiency (TE). This paper investigates the possibility of targeting desired locations through an idealized but complex three-dimensional (3D) vascular tree geometry under realistic hemodynamic conditions by imposing a Poiseuille velocity profile and a Womersley velocity profile derived from cine phase contrast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data for steady and pulsatile simulations, respectively. The shear thinning non-Newtonian behavior of blood w..

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