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The ubiquitin ligase Siah is a novel regulator of Zeb1 in breast cancer

Anna Chen, Christina SF Wong, Mira CP Liu, Colin M House, Jaclyn Sceneay, David D Bowtell, Erik W Thompson, Andreas Moeller

Oncotarget | IMPACT JOURNALS LLC | Published : 2015


Elucidating the mechanisms that underlie metastasis is of paramount importance to understanding tumor progression and to the development of novel therapeutics. Epithelial to Mesenchymal Transition (EMT) plays a vital role in tumor cell dissemination and is regulated by a core cassette of transcription factors. Despite recent advances, the molecular pathways that regulate the EMT program have not yet been fully delineated. We show that Siah ubiquitin ligases regulate Zeb1 protein, a key EMT transcription factor. The induction of EMT in breast cancer cells leads to the down-regulation of Siah, while the loss of Siah induces a mesenchymal phenotype, concurrent with an up-regulation of Zeb1. Ove..

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