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Integrative Conjugative Elements Are Widespread in Field Isolates of Mycoplasma Species Pathogenic for Ruminants

Florence Tardy, Virginie Mick, Emilie Dordet-Frisoni, Marc Serge Marenda, Pascal Sirand-Pugnet, Alain Blanchard, Christine Citti

Applied and Environmental Microbiology | AMER SOC MICROBIOLOGY | Published : 2015


Comparative genomics have revealed massive horizontal gene transfer (HGT) between Mycoplasma species sharing common ruminant hosts. Further results pointed toward an integrative conjugative element (ICE) as an important contributor of HGT in the small-ruminant-pathogen Mycoplasma agalactiae. To estimate the prevalence of ICEs in ruminant mycoplasmas, we surveyed their occurrence in a collection of 166 field strains representing 4 (sub)species that are recognized as major pathogens. Based on available sequenced genomes, we first defined the conserved, minimal ICE backbone as composed of 4 coding sequences (CDSs) that are evenly distributed and predicted to be essential for ICE chromosomal int..

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