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Characterisation of the stability and bio-functionality of tethered proteins on bioengineered scaffolds: Implications for stem cell biology and tissue repair

TY Wang, KAF Bruggeman, RK Sheean, DR Nisbet, CL Parish, I Lacković (ed.), D Vasic (ed.)

IFMBE proceedings | Springer, Cham | Published : 2015


© Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015. In the context of biological applications, the timely delivery of molecules can be critical for cellular and organ function. As such, previous studies have demonstrated the superior long-term protein delivery, by way of protein tethering onto bioengineered scaffolds, compared to conventional delivery of soluble protein in vitro and in vivo. Despite such benefits little knowledge exists regarding the stability, release kinetics, longevity, activation of intracellular pathway and functionality of these proteins over time. By way of example, here we examined the stability, degradation and functionality of a protein, glial derived neurotrophi..

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