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The Cryogenian Balcanoona reef complexes of the Northern Flinders Ranges: Implications for Neoproterozoic ocean chemistry

Malcolm W Wallace, Ashleigh VS Hood, Estee MS Woon, Jonathan A Giddings, Thomas A Fromhold



The Cryogenian Balcanoona reef complexes of South Australia consist of several dolomite platforms with well-defined backreef, reef margin and slope/basinal facies. The mature platforms have prograded large distances into the basin (>. 15. km) and have high relief margins (over 1. km of relief at the platform margin). Backreef facies are dominantly ooidal-peloidal grainstones with abundant tepees and marine cemented sheet cavities. The reef margin facies consists of upper stromatolitic boundstones and, where present, deeper water non-stromatolitic chambered and clotted boundstones. The deepwater chambered and clotted boundstones grew on near vertical escarpments below 150. m paleo-water depth..

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Funding Acknowledgements

We are most grateful to Marg and Doug Sprigg of Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary for their generous support of fieldwork over many years. We also thank the Gammon National Park rangers for their help with fieldwork. This research is partially funded from ARC Discovery Grant DP130102240. We are grateful for detailed revisions by Finn Surlyk, Wolfgang Preiss and an anonymous reviewer.