Journal article

Too Fit To Fracture: outcomes of a Delphi consensus process on physical activity and exercise recommendations for adults with osteoporosis with or without vertebral fractures

LM Giangregorio, S McGill, JD Wark, J Laprade, A Heinonen, MC Ashe, NJ MacIntyre, AM Cheung, K Shipp, H Keller, R Jain, A Papaioannou



Funding Acknowledgements

This work was completed in partnership with Osteoporosis Canada: Contributions include participation from members of the Scientific Advisory Council and the Bone Fit Development Committee, input from the Canadian Osteoporosis Patient Network, and financial support. We would like to acknowledge financial support from the University of Waterloo. The International Osteoporosis Foundation was a participating stakeholder and provided feedback on the report. The recommendations were reviewed and endorsed by the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Dr. Harri Sievanen and Dr. Maarit Piirtola reviewed the report on behalf of the Finnish Osteoporosis Association, and also contributed at all stages of the consensus process. Osteoporosis Australia's Medical and Scientific Advisory Committee reviewed the report at several stages and contributed to the final recommendations. We thank Dr. Andrew Briggs from Arthritis and Osteoporosis Victoria, Dr. Cathie Sherrington and Dr. Raymond Lee for their review of and feedback on the manuscript. We would like to thank Cheryl Kieswetter, Eric Bowman, and Michael McLeod for their assistance with the consensus process. Dr. Giangregorio is a recipient of a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) New Investigator Award and an Early Researcher Award from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation. Dr. Ashe has received career awards from CIHR and the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research. Dr. Papaioannou is the Scientific Director for the Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Sciences (GERAS) Centre at St. Peter's Hospital. She is the CIHR and Eli Lilly Research Chair in Osteoporosis. Dr. Cheung is supported by a CIHR Senior Investigator Award. Dr. Papaioannou is a CIHR-Eli Lilly Canada Research Chair. We would like to acknowledge funding from the Hallman Undergraduate Research Fellowship.