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Biomedical studies on temporal bones of the first multi-channel cochlear implant patient at the University of Melbourne.

Graeme M Clark, Jonathan Clark, Tina Cardamone, Maria Clarke, Prue Nielsen, Rob Jones, Benedicta Arhatari, Nick Birbilis, Roger Curtain, Jin Xu, Sheryl Wagstaff, Peter Gibson, Stephen O'Leary, John Furness

Cochlear Implants Int | Published : 2014


OBJECTIVE: To analyse the temporal bones and implant of the first University of Melbourne's (UOM) patient (MC-1) to receive the multi-channel cochlear prosthesis. METHODS: The left cochlea was implanted with the prototype multi-channel cochlear prosthesis on 1 August 1978, and the Cochlear versions CI-22 and CI-24 on 22 June 1983 and 10 November 1998, respectively. MC-1 died in 2007. RESULTS: Plain X-rays of the temporal bones showed that after the CI-22 had been explanted seven electrode bands remained in situ. Micro-CT scans also revealed a partially united fracture transecting the left implanted and right control cochleae. Histology indicated a total loss of the organ of Corti on both sid..

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