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Altering the redox state of skeletal muscle by glutathione depletion increases the exercise-activation of PGC-1α.

Natalie A Strobel, Aya Matsumoto, Jonathan M Peake, Susan A Marsh, Tina-Tinkara Peternelj, David Briskey, Robert G Fassett, Jeff S Coombes, Glenn D Wadley

Physiol Rep | Published : 2014


We investigated the relationship between markers of mitochondrial biogenesis, cell signaling, and antioxidant enzymes by depleting skeletal muscle glutathione with diethyl maleate (DEM) which resulted in a demonstrable increase in oxidative stress during exercise. Animals were divided into six groups: (1) sedentary control rats; (2) sedentary rats + DEM; (3) exercise control rats euthanized immediately after exercise; (4) exercise rats + DEM; (5) exercise control rats euthanized 4 h after exercise; and (6) exercise rats + DEM euthanized 4 h after exercise. Exercising animals ran on the treadmill at a 10% gradient at 20 m/min for the first 30 min. The speed was then increased every 10 min by ..

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