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Quantitative methodology is critical for assessing DNA methylation and impacts on correlation with patient outcome

Annette M Lim, Ida LM Candiloro, Nicholas Wong, Marnie Collins, Hongdo Do, Elena A Takano, Christopher Angel, Richard J Young, June Corry, David Wiesenfeld, Stephen Kleid, Elizabeth Sigston, Bernard Lyons, Danny Rischin, Benjamin Solomon, Alexander Dobrovic

Clinical Epigenetics | BMC | Published : 2014


BACKGROUND: DNA hypermethylation is reported as a frequent event and prognostic marker in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC). Methylation has been commonly assessed with non-quantitative methodologies, such as methylation-specific PCR (MSP). We investigated previously reported hypermethylated genes with quantitative methodology in oral tongue squamous cell carcinomas (OTSCC). RESULTS: The methylation status of 12 genes in 115 OTSCC samples was assessed by one or more of three quantitative analyses: methylation sensitive high resolution melting (MS-HRM), sensitive-melting analysis after real time-methylation specific PCR (SMART-MSP), and bisulfite pyrosequencing. In contrast to mu..

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