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The Physics of the B Factories

AJ Bevan, B Golob, Th Mannel, S Prell, BD Yabsley, K Abe, H Aihara, F Anulli, N Arnaud, T Aushev, M Beneke, J Beringer, F Bianchi, II Bigi, M Bona, N Brambilla, J Brodzicka, P Chang, MJ Charles, CH Cheng Show all



This work is on the Physics of the B Factories. Part A of this book contains a brief description of the SLAC and KEK B Factories as well as their detectors, BaBar and Belle, and data taking related issues. Part B discusses tools and methods used by the experiments in order to obtain results. The results themselves can be found in Part C. Please note that version 3 on the archive is the auxiliary version of the Physics of the B Factories book. This uses the notation alpha, beta, gamma for the angles of the Unitarity Triangle. The nominal version uses the notation phi_1, phi_2 and phi_3. Please cite this work as Eur. Phys. J. C74 (2014) 3026.