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Improved models for estimating temporal changes in carbon sequestration in above-ground biomass of mixed-species environmental plantings

Keryn I Paul, Stephen H Roxburgh, Jacqueline R England, Robert de Ligt, John S Larmour, Kim Brooksbank, Simon Murphy, Peter Ritson, Trevor Hobbs, Tom Lewis, Noel D Preece, Shaun C Cunningham, Zoe Read, David Clifford, R John Raison



Plantings of mixed native species (termed 'environmental plantings') are increasingly being established for carbon sequestration whilst providing additional environmental benefits such as biodiversity and water quality. In Australia, they are currently one of the most common forms of reforestation. Investment in establishing and maintaining such plantings relies on having a cost-effective modelling approach to providing unbiased estimates of biomass production and carbon sequestration rates. In Australia, the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) is used for both national greenhouse gas accounting and project-scale sequestration activities. Prior to undertaking the work presented here, the ..

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Funding Acknowledgements

The project was funded largely by the Department of the Environment, with additional financial support provided by the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries. Technical support and/or guidance and datasets were provided by Matt Searson, Laura Kmoch, Geoff McAurthur, Charles Lowson, Jaymie Norris, Tim Fairman, Rob Law, Ben Finn, Craig Neumann, Eoghan O'Connor, Tim Powe, Ben Rose Alex Drew, Gordon McLachlan, Mark Brammar, Michael Rooney, David Freudenberger, Katelyn Ryan, Mervyn Tucker, Don Butler, Geoff Minchin, Penny van Oosterzee, Angela Higgins, Lenord Cohen, Jenny Carter, Alex Lindsay, Craig Baillie, Paul Warburton, Byron Yeo, Alex Winter, Mike Cully, Len Norris, Bob Hingston, Scott Swift, Craig Barton, Fabiano Ximenes, Gavin Kay, Keith Smith, Brendan Vollemaere, Andrew Lothian and Justin Jonson. Landowners Ingrid Davies, Greg Moir, David and Michael McFall, Philip Henseleit, Alan Piggott, James Williams, Leo Rijs, John Toll, Elders Forestry, Trevor and Muriel Muirhead, Gladstone Area Water Board, Tony and Trudy Woodall, Graeme Fitzgerald, Ross Battern and David Sutton are also thanked.