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Reproductive biology of the greeneye spurdog Squalus chloroculus (Squaliformes, Squalidae)

BEA Rochowski, KJ Graham, RW Day, TI Walker



The reproduction of the greeneye spurdog Squalus chloroculus was studied based on animals caught in the multispecies and multi-gear southern and eastern scalefish and shark fishery on the upper continental slope off southern Australia. One hundred and ninety-nine females (502-990 mm, total length, LT ) and 189 males (515-810 mm LT ) were examined. The female reproductive cycle, based on 41 breeding animals, is continuous and triennial, with the pregnancy period estimated to be 31-34 months, seasonal and synchronous with the ovarian cycle; a third of the breeding female population is estimated to give birth between September and December each year. The estimated LT at which 50% of females are..

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Awarded by Australian Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

Funding Acknowledgements

Professional fishers and technical staff and students at the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) Queenscliff and the Victorian Marine Science Consortium are acknowledged for collection of specimens, as well as I. A. Knuckey of Fishwell Consulting Pty Ltd for supporting the project, and R. J. Hudson, G. Cottier and P. McCoy for supervising sampling at sea. A. Whitten is acknowledged for his comments on the manuscript. The project, 'Monitoring of deepwater shark catches in the SESSF', was funded by the Australian Fisheries Research and Development Corporation grant project 2008-841.