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Myocardial and Cardiomyocyte Stress Resilience Is Enhanced in Aromatase-Deficient Female Mouse Hearts Through CaMKII delta Activation

James R Bell, Gabriel B Bernasochi, Amanda C Wollermann, Antonia JA Raaijmakers, Wah Chin Boon, Evan R Simpson, Claire L Curl, Kimberley M Mellor, Lea MD Delbridge



The role of sex steroids in cardioprotection is contentious, with large clinical trials investigating hormone supplementation failing to deliver outcomes expected from observational studies. Mechanistic understanding of androgen/estrogen myocardial actions is lacking. Using a genetic model of aromatase tissue deficiency (ArKO) in female mice, the goal of this investigation was to evaluate the capacity of a shift in cardiac endogenous steroid conversion to influence ischemia-reperfusion resilience by optimizing cardiomyocyte Ca2+ handling responses. In isolated normoxic cardiomyocytes, basal Ca2+ transient amplitude and extent of shortening were greater in ArKO myocytes, with preservation of ..

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