Conference Proceedings

Geothermal simulation applied to the optimization of underground energy storage systems

A Yapparova, JE Mindel, M Maierhofer, SK Matthäi

Sustainable Earth Sciences, SES 2013: Technologies for Sustainable Use of the Deep Sub-Surface | Published : 2013


To optimize the design and to model the working cycle of an underground thermal energy storage facility (UTES) a geothermal reservoir simulator was created on the basis of the Complex Systems Modelling Platform C++ (CSMP++) software library (Matthhäi, et al., 2001) following two different approaches: a Boussinesq approximation and a full Pressureerature-Enthalpy scheme (based on Coumou 2009). A series of benchmark tests were performed to assess efficiency and accuracy of both schemes, given the standard operating temperature ranges. The simulator is then used to determine optimal well locations and operating schedules for a UTES construction project.

University of Melbourne Researchers